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Sterling Automotive Services

Air Conditioning

We provide complete air conditioning service for R134A. We utilize environmentally safe equipment and facilities. Our technicians are experts at A/C System problem-solving and we are certified to charge your A/C system.

Alternators, Batteries, & Charging Systems

Alternators are part of your starting and charging system and problems are fairly common. You will probably have some type of problem with your alternator in your car's lifetime. The charging system on your car plays an essential role in everything electrical. If your alternator, starter, or battery is not working correctly, it can cause major electrical problems and your charging system will not work properly. We will hook up a diagnostic device to the starter, alternator and battery to determine which of the components are causing your vehicle's symptoms.

Axle Work

We work from CV axles to differential. We can replace complete CV axles or repair them as needed. We also do 4-wheel drive work.

Brake Service

We offer complete brake system service and repair using the best brake parts available. We check and diagnose the computer ABS and flush fluids for moisture contamination according to manufacturers specifications and intervals.

Computer Systems & Electrical Diagnostics

Today's diagnostic test technology takes the guesswork out of many auto repairs. Most systems in vehicles are now run by On-Board Computers! We use the latest equipment and our technicians have the latest training. We can check and service most of the electrical componets of your vehicle with electrical diagnostics including headlights, dashboard warning lights, and accessories throughout the vehicle.


We are a Washington State certified repair facility! We have Expert Certified Technicians. Our equipment and our techs are State Certified.

Engine Repair

We repair cars, trucks, SUVs, small engines and large engines. We perform complete engine rebuilds, as well as engine replacements. We also install remanufactured Jasper engines. In addition, you get a 3-year or 75,000 mile warranty, transferable nationwide with no prorating.

Exhaust Systems

We do complete or partial exhaust system repair, including Catalytic Converters.

Fleet Services

We perform truck repairs, 1 ton or less. We also provide maintenance schedules to keep trucks in service!

Fuel Injection Systems

We use the “Motor Vac” system to take care of your fuel injector needs. We clean injectors, fuel rails, combustion chambers, intake valves and intake manifold chambers. We provide a wide variety of injection system diagnostics and recommended maintenance at 50,000 mile intervals.

Heating Systems

We provide an array of system diagnostics, including heater core replacement and blower motor replacement.


Preventative Maintenance:

30,000, 60,000, 90,000 and 120,000 mile servicing
Complete timing belt replacement
Preventative maintenance keeps you aware of developing problems!

Scheduled Maintenance:

Complete factory suggested 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 services
Oil change service with 27-point chassis inspection
Complete check and service of all vehicle fluids

Oil Changes

We perform complete oil changes with a 27-point inspection included. Our oil changes include the installation of a new oil filter, along with premium oil.

Radiators and Cooling

We check overheating problems, coolant leaks, coolant protection for freeze point, PH levels for rust and corrosion protection. We can replace any or all hoses for prevention or repair.


Our tune-ups include: Complete computer diagnostics, Complete engine tune-ups, Poor engine running diagnostics

Suspension - Shocks, Springs and Struts:

We provide replacement shocks and struts at or above OEM specifications. We also provide complete steering and suspension repair to ensure better handling.

Starter Systems

Our Starter System services include diagnostics and repair of your starter, charging system, fuel system, ignition system, and computer system.


Our Transmission Services Include: Automatic transmissions, Fluid and filter changes, Manual transmissions for repair or replacement, Clutches for replacement, Clutch hydraulics for repairs, Transfer case service, 4-wheel drive repair, Our transmission services include a 3-year or 75,000 mile warranty.

Tires and Wheels

We are a T-3 dealer. If you purchase your tires from Sterling Automotive, you will receive free tire rotations and free flat repair. We supply a wide variety of tires such as Goodrich, General Tires, Michelin, Uniroyal, Hankook etc. We also offer wheels from 5 major manufacturers with approximately 20 brands of wheels to choose from, with hundreds of designs. In addition, we offer computerized wheel alignments (both 2-wheel and 4-wheel) using the latest equipment.

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